Redefining the industry!

Designed specifically for solo hairdressers.

ensuring you meet all the required qualifications to operate a business.

  • Inline with Australian Hairdressing Council

  • Legal requirements

  • Government regulations

  • Health & safety requirements

  • Insurance & protection

  • Professional customer experience

Why Get Accredited?

Business legitimacy

This accreditation will verify that your business is legitimate and compliant with all necessary rules & regulations

Health & Safety

You will meet all the necessary health and safety regulations and have the proper procedures in place.

Health & safety of you

and your clients

Industry Standards

Ensuring you use professional products, work in a professional space with the appropriate tools and equipment.


Professional customer experience.

You'll receive a certification + window sticker to proudly display.

Indie's are redefining the industry!

No more backyard betties and bathtub bandits.